Panorama of Middelburg

Painting height:             3.43 meter
Painting length:            21 meter
Period of time:              April 2016 – April 2017
Painting time:                about 700 man hours


The engraving “The town of Middelburg, seen from the southside” was the inspiration for this painting. Middelburg is a town that doesn’t stand still and is vigorously expanding. Therefore this sort of panorama is becoming scarce. The position of the calendar photo of the Middelburg photographer Tim van Eenennaam offered the solution.


Therefore, for this panorama anno 2016, the position chosen by Tim van Eenennaam was assumed; The old road to Veere by the pumping station underneath the dike by the Canal through Walcheren. Roughly the place where now lies the aqueduct of the N57. The painting shows Middelburg as it may have looked long ago, possibly before 1873 when the Canal through Walcheren was dug out.