Veere: The Quay

View of the “Campveer Tower” and the centre of Veere

Painting height:             2.70 meter
Painting length:            14 meter
Period of time:              October – March 2012
Painting time:                about 160 man hours


Lying on the open water Veere grew to great heights as a harbour in the thirteenth century thanks to the wool trade. The buildings of the museum “The Scottish houses” on the quay are witness of this period of time. The “Campveer Tower”, a defense tower, is on the left side of the painting. On the right side you see the tower of the Townhall of Veere on the Market place. Inside, on the ground floor in the museum “De Vierschaar” you will find the silver cup of Maximilian of  Burgundy among other things.


The painter was looking for a view of Veere in deep rest. A walk along the dike in Veere opposite the quay fortunately provided exactly that view: the heart of Veere. Only after a month and a half he found the perfect picture, the sun was low and it was twilight. The streetlights were on and there was a bed of snow. The Finish artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931) was the example and inspiration here. Dumon Tak painted himself on this painting, he wanted to be a witness of his own work. A metaphore of his painting journey with Panorama and as traveler of the polar landscape which he visited several times.