Vlissingen: Inland Harbours

View from the top floor of the HZ tower

Painting height:             2.70 meter
Painting length:            18 meter
Period of time:              March- October 2012
Painting time:                about 700 man hours


The photos were taken from the eighth floor of the former RPCZ building, now HZ tower, on the southwest side of the grounds of the Hogeschool Zeeland, University of Applied Sciences. The inland harbours together with the Canal through Walcheren were dug out in 1873, as were the outland ports, the sea locks, the turning lock and bridge and the building of the Vlissingen train station. At the moment this area is in full development.


For this work a high horizon was maintained, whereby a lot of information and details can be seen. It is nice that when you stand on the platform in the middle of the area, the perspective of the painting falls into place. Under this painting there is a black, white and seven grey colour basis, done by several volunteers who were able to approach the painting signature of Dumon Tak.  What stands out are the symmetrical lines of water and roads. The painter was inspired by the choice of autumn landscape with gaps between the clouds where the sunlight came through. He could then highlight spots that he felt necessary for the eye of the spectator to be drawn to.