Vlissingen: Fishing Port

View of Emperors bastion, Rowers head and Fishing Harbour

Painting height:             2.50 meter
Painting length:            45 meter
Period of time:              June 2010 – March 2011
Painting time:                about 1,280 man hours


For centuries this is the view of Vlissingen that everyone that enters the town by sea will see. “The soul of Vlissingen” according to the Painter. The Emperors bastion built by Napoleon, including the statue of Michiel de Ruyter, forms together with Rowers head and the Pilot boat pier characteristic elements. Just like the Fishing harbour and the stately “Lampsinshuis”, now part of the “Zeeuws Maritiem muZEEum”, and to the right on the sea dike the “Orange windmill”.


This is the first panorama and was regarded by Dumon Tak as a proof of his competency. The photography taken from a Pilot boat wasn’t easy due to tidal current, location and different weather types and hindered the drawing of the painting. It has an impressionistic style, with a lot of colour and suggestions of detail. On the far right side there is a “Zen like” painting, something that exists for millions of years: light on water, an emptiness.