Family occasion or company outing



Group tour:

Panorama Walcheren is perfect for visiting with (larger) groups. Such groups can vary in size from 10 people to 100.

Group tours are always welcome during normal opening hours, after hours and also evenings.

Whenever you would like to organize a group tour or have an event organized in the Panorama it is advisable to book beforehand to avoid disappointment.

The rates for group tours depend on the amount of people, the need for decoration in a certain way, whether the tour is done during opening hours or after and whether catering is required.  Almost everything is possible!

Every occasion is personally looked at by Rob Philipp, every wish is discussed and a fair rate will be arranged.


Panorama Walcheren is a unique location for special events such as meetings, promotions, receptions, etc.

Catering is available but you may organize your own catering. If you would like more information please contact Rob Philipp.

Contact person:

Rob Philipp

Phone: 0031  641 688 769


                       Panorama Walcheren    |    De Willem Ruysstraat 102    |   4381 NK   |   Vlissingen