Just started:


‘The blue hour’

dimensions : b 16 x h 3.65 meter

Jo Dumon Tak puts the finishing touches to "The blue hour".

This set-up can still be seen in the studio, as soon as it is ready, it will be placed between the other set-ups and the preparations for a new set-up will begin.

                       Panorama Walcheren    |    De Willem Ruysstraat 102    |   4381 NK   |   Vlissingen              

"Benches project"

In order to give the many visitors the opportunity to sit and contemplate for a moment at one of their beloved panoramas, we have started a "benches project". A number of setups already have such a new bench. We are very happy with the sponsorship by Bison, DNWG, Damen, Amels and the Goese Lyceum that have made it possible to work on this project.

You too can become a donor, or adopt a panorama or become "Friend of" the Panorama Walcheren, please contact us for more information about all options.

Info support the Panorama:

Rob Philipp tel:06-41688769

email: panorama.zakelijk@gmail.com

We are very happy with every donation !!

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