About us


Project management;

The general coordination and business management is in the hands of Rob Philipp.

PR and communication group:

Barbara Schorer coordinates the PR team. Three people work on all communication, PR matters, sales activities and so on.

A group of painters:

Under the direction of the artistic director Jo Dumon Tak, a group of three volunteer painters works on the realization of the panoramas.

The technical group:

With Ruud Dijkstra as coordinator of the technical team, approximately 5 volunteers work on all technical jobs; building frames and stretching cloths. The preparation of the panoramas, the construction of lighting, the whitening of the walls, etc. etc.


The reception of the visitors, the manning of the store and the cash register, arranging the tours is done by a group of about 25 receptionists. To relieve them, we ask interested parties to register.

The coordinator of this is Rob Philipp, he also arranges the bookings for groups and events.

The foundation:

The board of the foundation establishes the general policy and the strategy to be followed.


Panorama Walcheren receives no subsidy.

In addition to the income from opening up, it is supported by a number of donors.

Some donors have adopted a panorama:

The fishing port: Damen Shipyards, HZ / Maritime Academy

Veere, the quay; Wim de Graaf Foundation

Panorama Walcheren expresses its great thanks to these donors.

You can also become a donor, or adopt a panorama.

                       Panorama Walcheren    |    De Willem Ruysstraat 102    |   4381 NK   |   Vlissingen                                

The Panorama is owned by a Foundation, and run by a volunteer organization.

The number of volunteer employees mounts up to over 40. They all are well disposed towards the Panorama; Additionally it inspires the majority of them to build on an imposing goal: over 10 vast paintings of seascapes and landscapes on the isle of Walcheren, on canvasses of over  40 meters long and over 5 meters high.

In addition, the panorama has a group of highly committed donors.

Below you can read more about the organization of the project.

Volunteer organization with the following components: